All AdEvaluation data is delivered to the clients via online portal. The following screen-shots depict the typical of the look and feel of the output produced.

AdEvaluation report for individual commercial is structured to two levels:

Overall performance measurement
Advertise diagnostic

Part One: Advertise performance measurement

Advertise overall market performance is determined by its Advertise Performance Index (API).

API = attention X brand linkage X motivation

By providing crossing results, the system is able to help the client to conduct in-depth analysis by category or creative methods.

1, Category analysis

AdEvaluation groups all Ads into 11 1st level categories, and the 2nd level includes 200+ smaller categories. Please check Categories for details.

2, Brand/advertiser performance watching

AdEvaluation system provides the summary analysis by individual brand & advertiser. It also support advertiser ownership analysis (China Mainland, Japan/Korea, EU/USA, Hong Kong/Taiwan), to support the client watch out its competitors closely.

3, Creative style checking

To help clients understand creativeness effectiveness clearly, the report support cross analysis by advertise length, types, and ad characters.

Advertise length: 1-5 / 6-15 / 16-30 / 30+ S’

Type: product / brand communication / sales promotion

Character: general consumer / entertainment star / sport star / professionals / carton

4, consumer demographic analysis: cross results by age and gender.

Part Two: Advertise diagnostic

To help the client practically improve advertise effectiveness, we not only measure the overall performance, but also diagnostic the advertise from three key angels: attention, brand linkage and motivation.

What is API?

API (Advertise Performance Index), integrates the advertise performance of attention, brand linkage and motivation, compares these three key measurements with all market norm data. API is a overall market performance index. The market average API is 100.

API = attention X brand linkage X motivation

How to understand API?

Every advertise has its own API. It is a comparison result to the market.

API > 110 great performance advertise
90 < API < 110 good performance ad
API < 90 need to be improved ad