AdEvaluation catches TV advertise immediately when it is aired, to upload it to system with category, brand, length, character type labels.

A sample of n=200 respondents per commercial is selected and interviewed on-line. Specific filters are employed per category to ensure only the most appropriate respondents are interviewed. The sample is drawn from a representative cross-section of consumers from Tier 1 to Tier 4 cities. The quality accredited InterfaceAsia-Holden panel of more than 600,000 respondents is employed.

Survey questions include no-aimed one to measure attention and brand linkage; the purchasing attention question to measure motivation, and dialogic questions to help optimize the creative.

Consumer Audience Interview Procedure

After coding of open-ended answers, the data warehouse processes the data automatically.

The evaluation report is real time available online. It includes individual ad measure, consumer segment cross results, and market comparison summary.