Marketers frequently ask below questions:

  • Is our latest ad as good as our oppositions?
  • Is this ad as effective as our previous ads?
  • What is the best ad in our category this month? Where does our new ad rank?
  • Does the ad have enough attention-getting power?
  • Is the ad engaging, or a bit boring?
  • Does the ad motivate viewers?
  • Does the ad communicate a relevant message in a trusted manner?
  • Do viewers remember the brand name?
  • Does the tone of the ad fit our brand image?
  • Is our advertising improving over time?

AdEvaluation reports upon the creative performance of each and every commercial flighted, immediately upon the commercial going to air.

To understand the manner in which advertising is received by viewers it is crucial marketers determine how their commercials perform relative to the others, and the reasons for this.

AdEvaluation service provides Syndicate Clients with measures of advertising performance on all their commercials, and for all those of their competitors, using internationally validated Ameritest advertising-effectiveness measures. In the order of 5,000 commercials will be tested annually.

By understanding the components of effective advertising, the Clients are able to improve and refine future creative strategies. To this end AdEvaluation delivers Clients valid and reliable measures on the manner in which the creative facet of their advertising performs relative to others in their market. The aim is to understand what makes great advertising great in order for our Clients to constantly improve the efficacy of their advertising.